Serendipity Arts Festival

Serendipity Arts Festival is a multi-disciplinary festival on the banks of the river Mandovi in Panjim. Happening across different venues, a variety of disciplines comprising of visual, performance and culinary exploration come together in a colourful milieu creating a raw celebration of the arts thats meant to be energetic, relevant, friendly and accessible.

Our work for SAF ranged from ideation to design for a variety of collateral comprising of  but not limited to – the festival guidebook, map and schedule, ‘save the date’ posters as well as posters focusing on the different disciplines and events, an on-ground signage system, the official website, art direction for the festival films, the promotional campaign, merchandising and templates for social media.

The festival language focused on using collages interjected with bright colours to make content lively as well as accessible. Each discipline was assigned a separate colour to create immediate recall. The ‘squircle’ shape became a common ground for our poster work and campaign imagery.

A glimpse of the curator films made by Elefant films. Art directed and conceptualised by The Brewhouse.

The ‘Save the date’ poster officially announced the Serendipity Arts Festival to the public, while setting the tone for the overall visual language.
A portable ‘sandwich board’ was created along with the poster to easily showcase it across Goa.

The ‘Chance Upon’ campaign introduced the festival and its different facets to the public. Executed all over India, the idea was to bring attention to the myriad of things you could expect at the festival ranging from art, food, music to unique personal experiences.

The colourful festival language was translated onto posters and hoardings announcing the different events, around as well as inside the venues. We executed various poster walls at the venues to create visibility and provide information on all the events taking place there.

Flags announcing the different disciples at the festival were hung through the roads connecting all the venues.

The flags combined with vehicular branding on inter-venue shuttles/cabs created buzz around the festival by showcasing all the different disciplines along with the colourful festival language across Goa.

The Narkasura festival is big in Goa and happens around the same time as Diwali. We worked with local craftsmen to re-create larger-than-life versions of these mythical figures, which were placed around the different venues.

We developed an easy-to-assemble modular system to show on-site event details guaranteeing less wastage and higher efficiency.

The modular system was used to show information at the help desk and wayfinding at various venues.

The handy guidebook was categorised according to disciplines and carried all the necessary information pertaining to the festival. 

The foldable schedule carried a handy map as well as all the festival programming to help plan the ideal festival experience.

The merchandise we developed for the festival, which was available for purchase at the festival store.

The VIP gift box was designed to be an experience of discovery, sent to special guests and important dignitaries. It carried specially curated coffee by Blue Tokai Roasters along with festival passes and a guidebook.

The mobile-friendly website for Serendipity Arts Festival carried the brand language forward and allowed visitors to view the full schedule, register for the event and plan their own unique journey with the help of filters.

Social media templates for the festival.