Abhineet Singh is the co-founder and strategist here. Previous to starting the Brewhouse, he worked at some of the most creative agencies in the world including Wieden+Kennedy and R/GA.  When not at work, he can be found scouring the interwebs for cocktail knowledge. Abhineet is also known for his love for sneakers, so much so that he turned that passion into a business by opening India first multi-brand sneaker boutique called VegNonVeg.
Emilia Bergmans is the co-founder and creative director of the Brewhouse. She's got a bio that reads like a design and advertising dream–with names like Studio Anthon Beeke in Amsterdam, Saatchi & Saatchi Sweden and Wieden + Kennedy India and China, Emilia’s created internationally acclaimed work for brands like Nike, Levi’s, Nokia and Doctor’s Without Borders. Her appreciation for unicorns and ice-cream is undying. Loves travelling to find unique stories, Barcelona tapes by Alexei Sayle, dogs and anything with sloe gin.
Hem Partap Singh is a senior creative at the Brewhouse. She’s been around pretty much since our inception, and has insider knowledge on all the goings-on (her BH name: Hem the Hammer). Her work on bhane. and VNV have led to some great brand-building. Loves everything to do with food (self-proclaimed OG foodie), travel, dogs and Netflix binges of political and courtroom dramas. Enjoys partying with jägerbombs. Caring lender of portable chargers.
Priya SinghDeo is a designer and art director at the Brewhouse. No-nonsense, straight up G always armed with seemingly random facts about history, culture and famous people. Loves Terry Pratchett, Heart of Darkness and Kareena Kapoor. Hates frogs and lizards.
Pulak Bhatnagar is a senior designer and art director at the Brewhouse. When he’s not terrorising us with his puns at work, he’s busy experimenting with vegan and vegetarian recipes, making mean cocktails and being a caring mother to his cats: Vector, Raster and Juju (our office cat). Check out his stunning portraits of cinema and pop culture personalities on Instagram @pulakbhatnagar.
Megha Rawla is a graphic designer at the Brewhouse. Her accents, impersonations and anecdotes can be heard at loud intervals during the day—the studio is never as lively when she’s not around. Can’t live without Netflix binges, online shopping and all things sweet.
Bhavika Aggarwal is a designer and strategist at the Brewhouse. The resident math-whiz, she’s got an extensive knowledge of Delhi’s buildings and by-lanes alike. In her time off, you can find her immersed in an obscure internet wormhole or stacking up items in her cart. With a variety of interests ranging from travel to pop science to urbanism, she comes at design from all angles.    
Nikhil Kaul You might know him as Frame/Frame, but we just know him as Nikhil-resident shenanigan coordinator. Find him creating top-notch publications at full speed while listening to obscure dance music. His motto in life right now: Trying to say the most with the least amount of information. He likes cat-sized dogs, and has been ordering the same lunch everyday since he started here. Creature of habit.  
Sachee Malhotra is our resident brand strategist. Switching between projects at top-speed, shes an unstoppable force of good energy. Find her in obscure corners of the Internet researching on everything under the sun or at home cooking up a storm–her tacos hold legendary status in New Delhi. Sachee loves CrossFit, collecting weird stationery and understanding the nuances of different cultures, people and their stories.
Shivon Dhawan is the project manager at the Brewhouse. She is all business-you can find her at the bar (after hours) knocking down whiskey sours and making deals in the same breath. All-round comic book-reading, make-up hoarding, converse-wearing feminist. Challenge your debate skills by getting into a friendly argument with her.
Megha Roy (aka @roychuu) is a writer at the Brewhouse. K drama-watching, food-eating, fantasy-reading minion. Loves 80s disco, 2000s Britney, Pikachu, dimsum. Hates people who walk slowly.
Biswanath Mandal is a visualiser at the Brewhouse. He’s a man of many faces. He goes everywhere and does everything. Some call him a silent ninja, some, the photoshop slayer and others know him as a mad paper artist. He loves performance art and takes off every year for precisly 3-weeks to partake in 'drama' a festival of art that happens in his hometown.  
Sanjoy Das is a our too-cool-for-school admin guy in the making. Fondly known as automatic, he ensures that our bills are paid, plants are watered and things are fixed when broken.
Rampal Hemram is the oldest employee of the Brewhouse. He takes care of all of us—the resident barista with an undying love for English (he’s been learning it since forever).
Juliet is the 30th born child to a cat that visited us every-time she was pregnant. This is our inheritance and we're glad to have her.