Nimai is India’s first multi-designer jewellery brand to showcase an expert curation of established and emerging jewellery talent from different regions of our country.

Nimai’s focus is on discovering and showcasing Indian jewellery designers who are working with local artisans to create contemporary, handcrafted jewellery as ‘wearable art’. The name, Nimai, is a moniker for Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, believed to be an incarnation of Lord Krishna himself and derived from Sanskrit it means ‘full of light’.

We saw this as the perfect metaphor for discovery and created a logo that represents the ‘curatorial eye’, drawing on traditional Indian spiritual iconography to become a powerful symbol or amulet. The brand colours of indigo and saffron are two of India’s most famous and ancient exports and their production is still primarily handcrafted.

While the core visual identity remains consistent through packaging and other primary brand collateral, Nimai’s collaborations with a variety of creative organisations gave us the opportunity to constantly re-interpret the meeting of traditional and contemporary India, keeping variety in visual content in mind.